Felted Mouse

This unique hand felted mouse will give your cat many hours of fun and play. The MustiKat mouse has been needle felted using pure merino wool.

Musticat Felted Mouse Toys

MustiKat Felted Mouse Toys

Cats are naturally attracted to the wool and natural lanolin in the toy. You can roll the toy in a bit of catnip to give your cat an extra treat.
All the cat toys go through rigourous quality assurance testing by my cat Musti. If she likes it, your cat is sure to as well.

Musti the Cat

Musti the Cat

As each mouse is individually hand felted, the mouse may look slightly different than the photo. If you would like a mouse of a different colour, please let me know. I would be happy to make a custom mouse order for you. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of custom orders.

MustiKat Felted Mouse Toy

Price: £ 9.50
Shipping and Handling: £ 1.50