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Felted Ball Cat Toys

Please note: Due to a change in product focus, I am not currently making felted products. Please contact me if you have any questions.

This is a set of hand felted cat ball toys. The felted cat toys have been made using a wet felting method with hand dyed pure merino wool. The felt balls are made the old fashioned way, using ordinary soap, water and a wash board. The wool is shaped into a ball, then rolled by hand, dipping in hot and cold water, and then hard felted by rubbing on a washboard.

Musti - Felted Cat Toys

Musti – Felted Cat Toys

The production of each cat toy is carefully hand rolled under the watchful eye of my Quality Control Officer – Musti the Cat.

Cats are naturally attracted to the scent of wool and natural lanolin. You can roll the ball in a bit of catnip to give your cat a bit of extra pleasure.
If you would like the felted balls to be infused with catnip, please let me know and I can make a special order for you.
The felted cat balls are shipped in a small mesh gift bag, ready to give to someone as a special gift.

Felted Ball Cat Toys with Bell

This set of 2 Musticat wool felted balls are about 2 inch width in size. and have a small bell inside. As each cat ball is individually made, every one is unique and may be a slightly different colour than shown.
Price: £9.50