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Bespoke Rya Rugs

Bespoke Hand Woven Rya Rugs

These Scandinavian style rya rugs are handwoven using fine quality, pure wool yarns. All of the rya yarns that I use are hand dyed at the time of the order. Hand dyed yarns have slight variations in colour giving the rug an additional depth of shading.
The rya knot yarns are fairly short, and closely sett, resulting in a soft pile that stands about 1.5 – 2.0 cm in height. The finished rugs are plush and very soft to the touch.

Ikkuna 2015 Rya Rug

Ikkuna 2015 Rya Rug

I am not currently weaving rya rugs as I am working on other commissions. I will resume making rya rug kits. Please enquire for more information and pricing.

These “Rya Rugs” are designed to be hung on a wall as a piece of art. Using a Rya as floor or area rug is not recommended.

Sadly, over the years I have received many emails from rya rug owners, asking how to repair the hole in their rug that was created by a table or chair leg. A repair is possible sometimes, but this should not have happened. Ryas are traditionally used as a bed covering or a wall hanging. A Rya should be treated as a treasured piece of art, hung on the wall, not on the floor and can last for a lifetime when cared for properly.

Rya Rug Weaving Workshops

I have been offering rya rug weaving workshops where you will learn how to weave a rya rug using a table loom or a floor loom. In this method of rya making, the rya knots are made at the same time as the background cloth is woven.
Sadly, ue to health reasons, I have stopped giving workshops.
I continue to write about hand weaving, hand spinning and other fibre arts. I also produce short how-to videos on YouTube and on Rumble.
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