Sámi Crafts

Sami Handwoven Bands

These belts, braids and bands are hand woven using traditional Saami patterns. The bands are generally woven using wool yarns imported from Sweden and Finland. The Sami Bands are woven on a Sami style double heddle reed. Sami band weaving is quite time consuming to weave, unlike most other types of braid weaving because each pattern thread is hand picked, but also gives the ability to weave more complex pattern variations.

The woven bands can be custom ordered in a variety of widths and styles with a choice of traditional Sami colours
(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White)

The Saami belts or bands are available through my PaivatarYarn Etsy shop or you can contact me directly for more information.

Prices are per meter.

How to Weave on a Beaivi Sami Double Heddle Loom

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