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Please Note:
A Mini Version of the Rothko Rya Kits is coming soon (approx 45 cm width x 70 cm length). I am waiting for a shipment of yarns to arrive.

Rothko has been the inspiration for this series of Rya Rug Kits. In his art, Rothko used a unique blend of many layers and shades of colour to produce his artwork. Each rya knot consists of an original multi-colour blend of different shades, types and thicknesses of wool yarn giving the finished rya rug a depth of colour and texture.

The yarns for each Rothko Rya kit is individually hand dyed at the time of your order. The colours will vary slightly due to the nature of hand dyeing, so may not look exactly as in the pictures shown. I am now using natural plant dyes for all of my hand dyed colours.

Each rya rug kit comes with hand woven rya backing, rya needles, a ruler, a pattern chart, hand-dyed pure wool yarns, and a suggested blend of colours, but you are free to create your own individual blend within each rya knot. The completed piece will be an original, designed by you.

A comment from a happy customer:

“It is the beautiful colours of your wools that make this Rya such a delight to work on, ( have already done 6 inches). And I love the complicated bits and then the solid colours. (Heaven knows how you managed to dye them all)”JB

Rothko RVOY
Rothko RVOY

Mini Rothko: Red Violet Orange Yellow Approx Size: 45 cm x 60 cm

Jenny's Rothko No. 1
Jenny’s Rothko No. 1
Rothko Rya Kit Earth Green
Rothko Rya Kit Earth and Green

Rothko: Earth and Green
Approx Size: 45 cm x 70 cm

Rothko Rya Kit: Magenta Black Green on Orange
Rothko Rya Kit: Magenta Black Green on Orange

Rothko: Magenta Black Green on Orange
Approx Size: 45 cm x 70 cm

Rothko Rya Kit: Yellow Red Blue 1953
Rothko Rya Kit: Yellow Red Blue 1953

Rothko: Yellow Red Blue 1953
Approx Size: 45 cm x 70 cm

Rothko Multi 1948
Rothko Multi 1948

Rothko: Multi 1948
Approx Size: 45 cm x 70 cm

Jenny's Rothko
Jenny’s Rothko

Each Rya Kit is hand dyed at the time of the order. As this will be a custom order
50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of the order.
This is to cover material costs if you should change your mind.

It takes approx 3 to 12 weeks for completion of your order depending on current production schedules.

These “Rya Rugs” are designed to be hung on a wall as a piece of art. Using a Rya as floor or area rug is not recommended.

Sadly, over the years I have received many emails from rya rug owners, asking how to repair the hole in their rug that was created by a table or chair leg. A repair is possible sometimes, but this should not have happened. Ryas are traditionally used as a bed covering or a wall hanging. These should be treated as a treasured piece of art, hung on the wall, not on the floor and can last for a lifetime when cared for properly.

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